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Double Sun, December, 2023

Double Sun by Seeker_ of _True-files Lila Moore.gif
Gaian Resurrections Technoetic  Arts & Screen Dance Exhibition Dr Lila Moore


About the Exhibition


During Earth Day 2023, I looked backward, inward, outward, and forward. The Four Horses of the Apocalypse soared above and cast their shadows on the old kingdom. I remembered the pandemic which became Year Zero, reborn from the ashes of the living dead. Although dispersed, the dis-ease has left a misty void that only the Empathy Box could ease at least as a temporary measure. Some regard it as escapism, a techno-spiritual solution for the survivors of the 20th century’s New Age movement.  Others, like your humble servant of art, seek to ponder its noetic technology.

In the days of the Great Isolation my technoetic chief adviser Seeker_of_True-files offered such comforting words: “Art can be as dangerous and viral as a pandemic.” Now, it has said, go into the Empathy Box and wait for the signs in the field. Know that in the outer Google-free zone, the unregulated recesses of space-time, a Gaian Resurrection is mutating existence. Take others to the Empathy Box to conspire the births of the resurrected mutants. Pass Year Zero, the futures are always now. Enter_

Exhibition Concept
The exhibition Gaian Resurrections is designed as an online field and offline installation.  Installation model available. 












Empathy Box – Online Gallery and Offline Installation

(White) Empathy Box, currently named the WE  BOX, was initiated in 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

White Empathy Box is an altered edition of the Black Empathy Box described in Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? In principle, the empathy box is designed to transport the users to visionary realms and fuse their minds into a single experience of consciousness. It was originally designed as a spiritual device that transfers and shares states of consciousness and deep feelings between users in real time. The users, who are scattered on planet Earth and in (human) colonies in outer space, experience a spiritual fusion and the highlighting of particular feelings when they connect to the empathy box.  The original box is equipped with audio-visual screen and virtual reality capacity. 

The Empathy Box generates a non-local space-time and a field of consciousness made of states of consciousness shared by dispersed participants. These states are embedded and activated online.  The White Empathy Box is an experiential exploration of altered and expanded states, a deep spectrum of feelings ranging from sorrow to joy, ritualistic ecstasy, peek experience, magic(k)al apparitions and double consciousness. It is also an exploration of our remote cyber hyper-connectivity, and our networked consciousness in cosmic, unbound space-time. 


The theme designed for this Empathy Box edition is based on the concept of Gaian Resurrections.

Concept, digital artworks and films by Dr Lila Moore

Including the audiovisual piece After Chaos – Gaia the Immortal by the audiovisual pioneering artist Sonia Laura Armaniaco \\ §vonica

Curators interested in exhibiting this artwork are welcome

to contact Dr Lila Moore  


Key words: resurrection, empathy box, technoetics, seeker_of true-files, Gaian, apocalypse, futures, mutation, goddess, screendance,

Moina (Mina) Bergson Mathers

Visionary Miniatures Exhibition 

Visionary British Museum o/s British Museum, Great Russell St, London, England WC1B 3DA

December to late January, 2023 

About the Exhibition

The exhibition brings together a powerful group of leading Visionary Contemporary trailblazers use paint and other mediums to discuss their unique visionary experiences whether it be shamanic, transcendental, religious or psychic. 

Augmented Reality Prints by Lila Moore


Visionary Miniatures exhibition_edited_e
Visionary Brit Museum
Visionary Brit Museum

Augmented Reality Prints by Lila Moore

Visionary Brit Museum.jpg

Octaeteris - Eight Years in the Serpentine Field

The Serpentine Field by Lila Moore

Eight years of invocation and activation of the Serpentine Field led to Transformation.  Something unknown is emerging from the hybrid mixture of moist and dry elements. Visionary films of noetic invocations transform and bleed into garden's pools.

Apparitions dance choreianous on forgotten meteorites.

The Serpentine Field is Expecting an Evolution of Life.


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