Ephemeral Space-time


Ephemeral Space-time consists of transient interiors and exteriors devoted to spiritual and religious practices, magical and ritualistic activity. Located in different geographic locations, they appear on screen as digital, techno-spiritual units of space-time that fade in and out of view, inviting the fleeting visitors to ponder their remoteness and the mystery of their noetic entanglement.  As a grid, these displaced and unstable sites generate a cybernetic field of consciousness that desires to resonate with wandering minds on the web, beyond the arrow of time, and far away in mythic places and visionary realities. The syncretic field is in constant evolution, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, responding to the rhythms of quantum synchronicities. 
The Formal Concept
The units of space-time are made of videos, stills and 360° imagery of which some were edited and manipulated. The grids of units are designed to exist on the web, and they are occasionally ‘aired’ on YouTube and other social and educational platforms as part of the artist’s practice of Networked Rites. They evolve gradually alongside the artist’s travels and daily life, responsive to the unexpected and the unknown. Akin to weaving is the process whilst the design, although structured on grids, is not pre-determined. 

Acts of ritual and prayer involve an invisible, spiritual element of consciousness that mediates between inner and outer layers of experience. Here, the ethereal element is an integral part of the aesthetics. It is initially embedded in the videos and images, though it extends into the cyber, digital vacuum between the screens and the wandering minds that encounter them. The concept is technoetic, based on the interaction of current web technology and noetic states, which are interlinked with communication with the spiritual ‘other.’ 
The images depict encounters with magickal artworks, occult magickal practices, alongside official and unathorised spiritual activity in space-time.