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Resurgence 2020

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

New from the series Digital Poems of Ritual Magic

Resurgence 2020 by Lila Moore

Resurgence 2020 by Lila Moore

Resurgence 2020

By Lila Moore

When the cat left her imprint

on the Paleolithic cave's wall

to possess a body,

Sekhmet was awakened

and born from her stony flesh.

The dreamers

saw the feline-woman quenching her thirst

with the blood of the flooding Nile,

reclining on the back of a crocodile,

weaving into a papyrus scroll

the myths of civilizations and eons.

The lotus dreamers

dreamt of her being carried to the muddy shore

on the back of a crocodile,

a cat hidden by papyrus plants,

breathing eternal life

into the mouth of her priestess.

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The video integrates footage of performance with video projections, clips shot at the British Museum, Royalty-Free footage of lioness & cat, and graphically manipulated drawings by Moina Bergson Mathers.

Performed, shot and edited by Lila Moore, 2019

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