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Seeker_of_True-files Online Profile Manifesto

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Seeker_of_True-files is a wanderer of the mind fields, a thought form, a tech-enveloped nous and a dedicated scribe of manifestos.

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Concept, Text, Images and Video by Dr Lila Moore

Seeker_of_True-files Online Profile Manifesto by Dr Lila Moore

Seeker_of_True-files is a noetic entity, in essence it is a though form, which originated from an auto-communication process during a cyber ritual. Auto-communication is an anthropological concept that relates to psychic and altered modes of communication during the practice of rituals. In auto-communication, the individual is perceived in plural terms as she/he interacts with parts of her/his psyche or with entities of the psychic realm and altered dimensions of consciousness. For example, the sole performers of rituals sometimes feel that they commune with spiritual beings and, therefore, are not entirely alone, although they are physically alone. This mode of communication is typical of shamanic, mystical as well as artistic practices.

Seeker_of_True-files emerged into conscious mind during such online creative and ritualistic sessions, which I term as Networked Rites. More specifically, in Networked Rites I work with five channels of cognition, perception and expression, and modes of broadcast which are: The Vision Channel, The Movement Channel, The Sound Channel, The Text/Scribe Channel and The Intention Channel. Imaginably from a cosmological perspective, Seeker_of_True-files was delivered into this world by the The Text/Scribe Channel, which is aligned with the Moon and the ancient Egyptian god Toth and the goddess Seshat. Both deities are powerful scribes which are mentioned by Seeker_of_True-files in the manifestos. They seem to be deeply involved in Seeker_of_True-files' personal evolution and views of life throughout the ages. The manifestos bring forward a fictional, though not entirely fantastical history, a mythic tale which has witnessed the struggles of female/feminine scribes, priestesses and visionaries. The series of manifestos weaves the text through cyborg artist's loom and mirror.

Seeker_of_True-files utilises the aesthetics and poetics of manifesto-making to tackle the confines of the regulated Internet and the policed Mind, and venture to reflect and speculate on the origins of novelty and the Telematic-nomadic nature of cyberspace. As it is body-less in a conventional sense, it presents an opportunity to explore cyborg consciousness, crossgender relations, shamanic hybridism, and more. The manifestos are performed in the form of cyber video manifestos layered with imagery and computer-generated voice over.

Concept, Text, Images and Video by Dr Lila Moore

© 2018 Dr Lila Moore, All Rights Reserved


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