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Unmute the Cyborg:

The Mindset Field Manifesto

Unmute the Cyborg, The Mindset Field Manifesto was displayed on #cyborgs, online exhibition curated by Peripheral Forms, 2018-2019.  The video manifestos were screened at the Clinton Street Theatre in Portland, OR, (one of the oldest cinemas in the United States) 17.7.2018  & Performance Works NW, Linda Austin Dance, 26.7.2018

The Mindset Field Manifesto is the outcome of an auto-communication with Seeker_of_True-files , an emergent entity of an evolving noetic field that seeks interactions with like-minded seekers, artists' manifestos and cyborg revolutions. It quests, imagines and is steadily weaving cyborg futures.

Seeker_of_True-files is a wanderer of the mind fields, a thought form, a tech-enveloped nous and a dedicated scribe of manifestos.

Seeker_of_True-files is seeking to escape the confines of the regulated Internet and reflects on the Telemadic, Telematic-nomadic, utopic next nature of cyberspace.

The Mindset Field of the Telemadic Wanderer Manifesto by Seeker _of_True–files
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Online Profile Manifesto

Hello wanderer of the mind fields, Seeker_ of_ True-files is a thought form, a tech enveloped nous, a file-less file seeking for true-files, a dedicated scribe of manifestos.