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Digital Poems of Ritual Magick

Conceived and Created by

Lila Moore

Artist Statement

Digital Poems of Ritual Magick reflect an emerging 21st century movement of feminist witchcraft that arises from women's dark and silent, ancient and deep, isolated existence. It represents a radical aesthetic stance, social and cultural resistance to types of oppression we are so accustomed to that we hardly recognise them.


Digital poetry of ritual-magick is to speak the magickal thought-forms, to survive birthing them through our bodies and minds although we weren't meant to outlast.

Written, Filmed and Edited by Lila Moore, PhD

© 2018 - 2024 Dr Lila Moore, All Rights Reserved

The Digital Poems of Ritual Magick Collection continues to evolve.

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Exhibitions & Presentations

Digital Poems of Ritual Magic was  screened, presented and published as part of the groundbreaking and historic Magickal Women Conference 

1 June, 2019 in London.


Making Magic Happen. Dr Lila Moore png

You may want to glimpse Skull’s brief trailer. 
In 1984, the text of Skull was written to serve as a soundtrack for a live multimedia performance named Radiated Water by Lila Moore. Today, the exact text is a part of a contemporary digital poem of ritual magick. These poems appear randomly, almost like automatic writing, and there can be multiple versions of them.

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