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Manifestos of Strange Becoming by Seeker_of_True-files

Production credits:

Conceived, written, filmed and edited by Lila Moore

Concept by Dr Lila Moore

Cybernetic Futures Institute


Additional stock media provided by

 footageisland, Pond5,

Orso Ltd, Pond5

Commercial licensed footage by Pond5

The Mindset Field of the Telemadic Wanderer Manifesto & Online Profile Manifesto include a few seconds of footage from Metropolis by Fritz Lang as a critical statement.  (Fair Use Attribution, Non-Commercial)

Reality Manifesto manipulates The Horse in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge, footage in the Public Domain

Down To & Above Earth Manifesto includes a photographic reproduction of The Nile at Philae by Louis Auguste Veillon, in the Public Domain

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