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 Cybernetic Futures

Research Node

Cybernetic Futures is a visionary cyber, creative practice-based research node that explores technoetic arts and consciousness, cyborg and cybernetic art and design, choreography as a screen-dance, filmic and cybernetic art form, networked rituals and spiritual film aesthetics. 


Cybernetic Futures demonstrates leading edge academic research and expertise in the interdisciplinary field of technoetic arts. It is situated in between academic institutions, making links between external (outside academia) and internal (within academia) practices and researches.

Cybernetic Futures is  a second order cybernetic organism that thrives on dry and moist media components, linking creative practice and research that engage with 21st century notions of hybridity, identity, gender, spirituality, old and new religions, consciousness, singularity, cyborgism, syncretism, life on Mars, the future of Earth and humanity, etc. These themes are addressed from ethical, philosophical, anthropological, theological, and psychological perspectives, etc. Technoetic aesthetics is at the centre of the inquiry.

Dr Lila Moore is the founder of Cybernetic Futures Institute, which was born of her post-doc at the Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University. She is a technoetic artist film-maker,  digital artist, networked art, performance and ritual practitioner and theorist as well as academic lecturer and adviser. She has presented original research and practice in many international academic conferences and cultural organisations. Her articles have been published in Technoetic Arts Journal, Cybernetics and Human Knowing Journal, Journal of Religion and Film, and more. She is a lecturer at BA programme in Mysticism and Spirituality.

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