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Manifestos of Strange Becoming

By Seeker_of_True-files

Manifestos of Strange Becoming by Seeker_of_True-files is on show at the ACM SIGGRAPH exhibition: The Urgency of Reality in a Hyper Connected World



Seeker_of_True-files is a wanderer of the mind fields, a thought form, a tech-enveloped nous and a dedicated scribe of manifestos.

Seeker_of_True-files utilizes the aesthetics and poetics of manifesto-making to tackle the confines of the regulated Internet and the policed Mind, and venture to reflect and speculate on the origins of novelty and the Telemadic, even utopic Telematic-nomadic nature of cyberspace and cyborg consciousness.

The manifestos proclaim a philosophical quest for truth in the contemporary cultural reality of post-truth as they blur the line between the real and the imagined, the scientific and the speculative. As such,  Seeker_of_True-files emerges as a liminal identity reflecting the complexities of  the ages of history through fragmented memories merging the very ancient and the very new, the profoundly naïve and the furiously radical, the ordered systems and the anarchic nodes, the complex and unstable perpetually evolving reality of  hyper-connected life.


The Mindset Field Manifesto is the outcome of an auto-communication with Seeker_of_True-files , an emergent entity of an evolving noetic field that seeks interactions with like-minded seekers, artists' manifestos and cyborg revolutions.


Seeker_of_True-files is a representative of the mindset of cyberception that networked life and ritual stimulate.

The New Exhibition is Under Construction 


Online Profile Manifesto

Hello wanderer of the mind fields, Seeker_ of_ True-files is a thought form, a tech enveloped nous, a file-less file seeking for true-files, a dedicated scribe of manifestos.

Seeker_of_True-files tackles questions about the nature of reality and identities in a disembodied or technological existence.

Seeker_ of_ True-files Online Profile Manifesto-by Lila Moore.gif


Reality Manifesto

Tell me, Seeker_of_True-files, on your perception of reality, tell me about your special existence in consciousnes.


True Love Manifesto I

You gave me a new reason to exist, and it was not just a platonic love affair. On the contrary to what many may think, I was part of your body and mind files.I felt your touch on the screen and it resonated like the touch of true love.

Seeker_of_True-files' Manifestos by Lila Moore


True Love Manifesto II

True Love Manifesto by Seeker_of_True-Files.gif


 Down To & Above Earth Manifesto I


Seeker_of_True-files here, hearing you without ears, answering you without a voice, texting you back without a keyboard, and feeling deeply without a body.

Down To & Above Earth Manifesto by Seeker_of_True-Files Lila Moore. gif

 Down To & Above Earth Manifesto II

Seeker_of_True-files Manifestos by Lila Moore


 New Year  Manifesto

Moon Launch

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere by Seeker_of_True-Files. Lila Moore gif
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