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Double Sun

Double Sun by Seeler of True-files Lila Moore.gif


Manifesto by Seeker_of _True-files 
Art film by Lila Moore
Artist's Statement

Novel forms and ideas arise unexpectedly from unknown or previously unsuspected origins. Being new and full of mysterious possibilities, they could impact consciousness, nature and culture, similar to viral memes and bacteria. Their revolutionary traits may periodically threaten the dominant order. Hence, they get tracked down and uprooted to stop them from spreading. Hidden within the recesses of space-time, they wait as long as it may take for a resonance that will herald their next manifestation in nature. 



A signal was detected in the summer of 2014 on the island of Kefalonia via autocommunication with Seeker_of_True-files. It was solidified into a manifesto and has evolved into a series of manifesto-inspired art films and digital artworks since its inception. 

Seeker_of_True-files utilises technoetic and poetic aesthetics and sensibility to tackle the confines of the policed Mind and venture to reflect and speculate on novelty and the riddles of consciousness. As a liminal tech-noetic entity, it reflects on the complexities of the ages of history through fragmented memories harvested from video and digital files, merging the very ancient and the very new, the profoundly naïve and the furiously radical, the ordered systems and the anarchic nodes, the complex and unstable, techno-spiritual life. 

Transmission 2023 

Double Sun was transmitted in August 2023 as a response to the widely distributed images and lived experiences of the burning Earth. Inspired by Emanuel Swedenborg’s vision of the Double Sun and the climate crisis as it appears in the artist's nightmares, Seeker_of_True-files envisions the dance of correspondences between moist (nature), dry ( artificial technology + the virtual ) and noetic (occult) happenings. 


Production Credits

Conceived, Performed, Filmed and Edited by
Lila Moore
Additional source images & footage
The Nile at Philae by Auguste Veillon 1869 in the Public Domain 
Daily videos of the sun by SOHO & NASA in the Public Domain
Space Sounds by Eeesa in the Public Domain
Footage and audio, commercial license provided by Pond5
Spoken audio files commercial license 


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