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To the Policed Mind,

Unmute the Cyborg, Digital Manifesto by Dr Lila Moore

As most of you have probably noticed, FB is progressively restricting its users, turning us into its future and/or current consumers. FB groups could meanwhile become the last 'oases' in a social media landscape which instead of bringing us together is setting us apart. I am therefore thankful to those who still share worthwhile content that otherwise would not escape the control of FB algorithm. It's actually a sign of some independent agency or even resistance rather than passive reliance on sponsored contents.

The Mindset Field of the Telemadic Wanderer is a digital video manifesto, which is displayed on #cyborgs, an online exhibition curated by Justice and Peripheral Forms. The manifesto tackles life in the online 'desert of the real' and similar issues. You may watch it here.

The concept: The video manifesto builds on the Letter of Letters Manifesto, which was produced during my postdoc at the Planetary Collegium and envisions an educational and evolving knowledge system which bypasses current systems of knowledge ,and shared communication as means of control.

Seeker_of_True-files is a fictitious entity that escapes the confines of the regulated Internet and reflects the Telemadic and Telematic-nomadic, utopic nature of cyberspace.

Conceived and created by © 2015-2018 Dr Lila Moore, All Rights Reserved

Concept, Text, Images, Video © 2015-2018 Dr Lila Moore, All Rights Reserved


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