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Technoetic Rites of Astral Projection and Double Consciousness

Technoetic Rites consists of astral projections and doubles born of scrying in the cyber-ether, and commuting via mini wormholes in the dark matter of consciousness. It unfolds the oracle of moon_files, a daimon dancer seeking technological manifestations and hybrid forms of love.

The narrative arises from women’s dark and silent, ancient and remote presence. It represents a radical aesthetic stance, social and cultural resistance to types of oppression we are so accustomed to that we hardly recognise them.

The piece is informed by Maya Deren’s ritualistic form in film and art and inspired by women of the Golden Dawn: Moina Bergson Mathers’ scrying and astral projection techniques and Florence Farr’s praxis of magic.

Mediums & aesthetics: cyber-performance, technoetic networked-rite, screen-dance, digital filmic poem.

The piece will be performed at Conjure Creativity 2022


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