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Skull - Digital Poem of Ritual-Magick

Skull is a digital poem of ritual magick.

The video clip is a trailer.

The Digital Poems of Ritual-Magick Collection

Artist statement by Dr Lila Moore (2018)

Digital Poems of Ritual Magick reflect an emerging 21st-century movement of feminist witchcraft that arises from women's dark and silent, ancient and deep, isolated existence.

It represents a radical aesthetic stance and social and cultural resistance to types of oppression we are so accustomed to that we hardly recognise them.

Digital poetry of ritual-magick is to speak the magical thought-forms, to survive birthing them through our bodies and minds although we weren't meant to outlast.

The text of Skull was written in 1984 and was utlised as a soundtrack of a live multimedia performance entitled Radiated Water by Lila Moore. It is embedded as part of a contemporary digital poem of ritual magic. These poems appear randomly, almost like automatic writing, and there can be multiple versions of them.


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