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Invocation of the Magickal Woman is a Networked On-Ether Rite, first activated during the winter solstice on 22 December 2018.  It coincided with the Full Moon and as such marked a rare cosmological event that highlights the special relationship that we may harness with the cosmic cycles of which we are part.

In my capacity as a technoetic artist-ritualist, meaning a ritualist who combines technology and consciousness via digital and screen-based art forms, I dedicated the rite to the invocation of The Magickal Woman by summoning the names of legendary and trailblazing women from myth and history. The ritual consists of a digital poem of ritual magic performed online and offline. It is preserved as a video file that can be reactivated anytime online on a dedicated webpage. 

The Liturgy consists of magickal words and images, movements and intentions.

The Magickal Words

The invoker summons the names of magickal, legendary women from myth and history. She sends the names into the networked ether, the astral cyber void, the great Tehom of the goddesses Tiamat and Nuit. The names weave the weavers within a field of bright consciousness, under the Full Moon, of the shortest day. The field which weaves the names sparks lightning over the waters of Tehom and the body of Nuit, waves of purple hiss, breaking through the cracks in ignorance and fear, greed and slavery. From the silence of her Creation she rises, soothing the howls of Lilith. From the bitter all-knowing abyss of Binah, she emerges, the Awakener of the Ages.  Formed from the cosmic anti-matter, she is the builder of the starry highways, walking and dancing on stone circles of planets and asteroids. Over and beyond the ruins and temples of Malkuth, glorious may she reign for all eternity.

Text and Video Published by The Magickal Women Conference, London: 2019

The Magickal Names

The Magickal Names are names of women who broke new ground in magickal traditions and practices. They are the seers, mystics, artists-enchantresses, innovators of art forms, scarlet women, priestesses of the Goddess, media priestesses, dancers and filmmakers, leaders and founders of new religious movements and occult orders, visionary scientists, philosophers, futurists and more. These women, individually and together, as a secret conspiring trend, gradually stirred a powerful cultural shift through their daring persistence in the face of adversary and impactful magickal artistry and practices.

Awakening the Magickal Woman: A Tribute and Intention

By calling, reading silently or chanting the names of Magickal Women, we awake a resonance in space-time. The names are of women from the past or present that resonate with your personal and vocational story, ancestry and/or mythic and magickal lineage.   
It is a resonance of power and beauty, vision and courage, genius and intuition, a procession of supportive links leading from woman to woman, spiralling like a cosmic dance of eternal past, present and future. We call the names, and by doing so, we awake the great visionaries to cast spells and influence destiny. It is our tribute to them, who forged our present, and a tribute to those who will advance beyond our trail one day in the future.

In Her Magickal  Image and Likeness: The Vision and The Movement

In the video Invocation of the Magickal Woman, a woman portrayed by Lila Moore is seen holding an object in the shape of the ancient Egyptian Mirror of the goddess Hathor. She is walking forward in space-time through the volatile elements of nature. She casts magick circles with her mirror, pointing upwards towards the four directions and the horizon. In ancient Egypt, 'the goddess Hathor's mirroring disk was cosmologically perceived as reflecting the light of the sun and the moon, the two divine eyes, and the heavenly sight and insight of all suns and solar deities'. 'Although Hathor's Mirror was utilised for daily cosmetic purposes, it also had a ritualistic role that attributed it with transcendent powers. Thus, 'the mirror in a ritualistic context transcends death and reflects a vision of the infinite'. 
Hathor's Mirror, as a magickal instrument, bestows the devotee with the gift of insight, deep and cosmic. She sees far and wide, unobstructed by the terrestrial limits of physical sight and motion in space or time. She imagines the future, shaping it with her timeless reflection, her transcendent likeness. In infinite circles, she glides in tune with cosmic rhythms, the gravitational push and pull of heavenly bodies and tides. Her motion triggers progress and catalyses cultural shifts, the philosophical and scientific discoveries of the riddles of Creation. Evolutions burst into life with the movement to become in her image and likeness.
Note on Copyright:
The video, images and the text were previously published in the following publications.
Moore, L. (2021), ‘Magickal visions of the ultra-modern woman: Reconsidering the feminine aesthetics of Moina Mathers and Maya Deren. In Making magic happen, Selected essays from the inaugural magickal women conference, 2019, (pp. 205-226). Magickal Women & Company Publications. 
The Magickal Women Conference Catalogue, 2019. 
The information on the Goddess Hathor and her mirror derives from my article: 

Moore, L. (2018). The transcendent double selfie app, In Honorato D and Giannakoulopoulos, A. (Eds.), Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science 2017 Conference Proceedings, Corfu: Ionian University, Department of Audio & Visual Arts, (pp. 229-236). 



 The Occasion: The Magickal Women Conference

Magickal Woman as a theme was inspired by the groundbreaking, historic Magickal Women Conference, which took place on 1 June 2019 in London. At the conference, Dr Lila Moore joined a host of contemporary Magickal Women and led the sold-out Masterclass:


Magickal Visions of the Ultra-Modern Woman:  

Reconsidering the Feminine Aesthetics of Moina Mathers

and Maya Deren.  


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Triptych of the Elements
Lila Moore

Triptych of the Elements

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