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White & Black Empathy Box is an altered edition of the Black Empathy Box described in Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? In principle, the empathy box is designed to transport the users to visionary realms and fuse their minds into a single experience of consciousness. It was originally designed as a spiritual device that transfers and shares states of consciousness and deep feelings between users in real time. The users, who are scattered on planet Earth and in human colonies in outer space, experience a spiritual fusion and the highlighting of particular feelings when they connect to the empathy box.  The original box is equipped with audio-visual screen and virtual reality capacity. 

White & BlackEmpathy Box on WPG generates a non-local space-time and a field of consciousness made of states of consciousness shared by dispersed participants/users. These states are embedded and activated online.  The White & Black Empathy Box is an experiential exploration of altered and expanded states, a deep spectrum of feelings ranging from sorrow to joy, ritualistic ecstasy, peek experience, magic(k)al apparitions and double consciousness. It is also an exploration of our remote cyber hyper-connectivity, and our networked consciousness in cosmic, unbound space-time. 

What I am looking for:  Works that explore states of consciousness and the interaction of group consciousness online, on screen, and in virtual and mixed reality.  The White & Black Empathy Box exhibits more than one artist per show for the purpose of creating an interactive online environment that induces a sense of shared consciousness.  It welcomes works that involve performance, dance movement and ritual, though most styles that engage with the main theme are applicable. 
Open for video, image, animation, virtual reality, mixed reality works, networked performance, screen dance, critical texts. 

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