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Welcome to Uncanny Doubles, where art, technology and psychology intersect. 

The new collection by Lila Moore features videos, photographic prints and Augmented Reality prints that are inspired by Freud's essay The Uncanny, 1919.

Explore the world of the uncanny doubles through unique and

thought-provoking art pieces.

The collection Freud's Uncanny Doubles involves the artist's (Lila Moore) work with A.I.  The images are not solely the outcome of A.I. but a collaborative process between a human and an intelligent though wayward machine. There is a deliberate intention to tackle Freud's deep fears of automata.  

The video was taken by Lila Moore during an experiential class in a course on the Spiritual in Modern Art she taught. It depicts a medium chanelling an artwork. Intriguingly, the camera’s recorder did not capture the medium’s voice. The medium claims that during chanelling, recording devices fail to fully capture her voice. 

The sun-like clock in the images was photographed by Lila Moore in the building of the Theosophical Society in London in the summer of 2023, just before its  final closure. The sun-like clock was visually integrated into the art film Double Sun (2023) by Lila Moore. 

My Ka is a collection of images of ancient doubles who left their bodies and have remained body-less. They wander through urban and deserted locations, eternally seeking an identity and body to claim as their own. 

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