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Spirituality: Art, Technology & Transcendence

EPISODE 9: Spirituality


PART 3: Art, Technology & Transcendence | Who Will Save Us?


What will happen to our minds, bodies and spirits in the future? Will 2050 be the year when 10 billion minds become one? Do we need to worry about our soul at all when we have access to thousands more? Dr. Lila Moore of the Cybernetics Institute and Roy Ascott, iconic figure in Cybernetics, telematic and technoetic arts, join Tegan Bristow, Hsin-Chien Huang, Lin Wanshan and I.R. Bach for the final part of this episode focused on the intersection of art, technology and SPIRITUALITY to predict what the future might bring.


ART+TECHNOLOGY is brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company and produced in partnership with Bloomberg Media Group.


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