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Ephemeral Space-Time

Online Exhibition

Online exhibition by Lila Moore-Cybernetic Futures
Ephemeral Space-time

Ephemeral Space-time consists of transient interiors and exteriors devoted to spiritual and religious practices, magic(k)al and ritualistic activity. Located in different geographic locations, they appear on screen as digital, techno-spiritual units of space-time that fade in and out of view, inviting the fleeting visitors to ponder their remoteness and the mystery of their noetic entanglement. As a grid, these displaced and unstable sites generate a cybernetic field of consciousness that desires to resonate with wandering minds on the web, beyond the arrow of time, and far away in mythic places and visionary realities. The syncretic field is in constant evolution, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, responding to the rhythms of quantum synchronicities.

More text and videos, here


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